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What is LA Brewery Kombucha and how is it fermented?
Our Kombucha is a naturally effervescent living tea full of friendly bacteria. Made using high-altitude chemical-free green and black teas, it is naturally-fermented at 25 degrees to produce a raw, living and delicious fizzy drink.

Our Kombucha is created by fermenting sweetened green and black teas with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast). The yeast consumes the sugar, converting it into ethanol and co2, simultaneously the ethanol is being consumed by the bacteria and converted into acetic acid which gives the Kombucha vinegary tones.

How does the LA Brewery add flavour?
Secondary fermentation technique adding fresh ingredients to enhance the natural flavours of the Kombucha.

Does it have sugar in it?
Yes, when the Kombucha is bottled the sugar content is around 3.5g per 100ml

Why? As the Kombucha continues to ferment, the sugar levels drop and the friendly bacteria increases - It is constantly evolving and that’s why we love it.

Does it contain alcohol?
Kombucha contains trace levels of alcohol due to the fermentation process but no more than 0.5% so it is classified as a non-alcoholic drink.
Does it contain any gluten, dairy or animal products?
No! Ingredients - green and black tea, sugar, kombucha culture, fruit and botanicals.

Strawberry & Black Pepper Kombucha
LA Brewery’s Kombucha is made using our favoured speciality tea blend, mixed with deliciously sweet strawberries and delicately spiced black peppercorns!

Strawberry along with a fermented nose and a slight vinegar/acetic acid prickle.

Sweet and fruity with a pepper finish in the mouth. Refreshing acidity from the fermentation. It has a long finish and is to be sipped and savoured.

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