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Vegan Water Kefir – Ginger 310ml
Our ‘Paleo Awards’ Finalist Ginger Kefir is the perfect combination of kefir grains and the soothing warmth of ginger. It is a wonderful healthy alternative to soft and effervescent drinks, as well as a powerful live probiotic drink.

What is vegan (water) kefir?
There are two types of kefir grains: water and milk. Simply, water kefir grains are meant to be fermented in water, and milk kefir grains are meant to be fermented in milk products. Water kefir grains are small, jelly-like substances that are created by 'friendly' bacteria.

This vegan-friendly alternative is perfect for those who are looking for all the benefits of kefir’s magical live probiotic cultures which are normally limited to dairy products. It includes a wide range of organic acids, lactobacillus bacteria, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants beneficial for the body.

• Vegan-friendly
• Naturally fizzy – great taste
• Light and refreshing
• Low calorie – alternative to sodas
• Live probiotic – active cultures
• Billions of active bacteria
• Original recipes
• Artesian water
• 100% preservative-free
• 100% natural ingredients

Artesian filtered water, fresh ginger, sugar*, frozen lemon juice, vegan kefir cultures
*Required for fermentation

Storage instructions
Keep refrigerated (4 – 6°C). Shake well before opening and consume within three days. Enjoy chilled.

Fully recyclable bottle.
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