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An every-morning treat packed with 7 whole grains
Honey & Nuts Granola. Muesli's sophisticated sister.
If Muesli is all wholesome country oats, then Granola is like Muesli that moved to the city and got all fancy. Oats got mixed up with roasted almonds, hazelnuts and a ménage of spelt and six exotic grains, and drizzled with honey. The whole things is baked with oh-so-chic unrefined cane juice sugar. It's satisfying, indulgent and up for it morning, noon and night.

Wild not refined
If you're going to have a bit of sugar now and then, make sure it's the best kind. That's why we use unrefined naturally sweet things like honey and the raw juice of sugar canes. That way you get all the nutrients and minerals alongside the subtle, natural flavour of cane juice sugar.
At Rude Health we only use the kind of ingredients you'd have in your own kitchen - nothing artificial, nothing refined. We source our ingredients from fields, orchards and vines - not laboratories. We think food should be made out of food - not thickeners, preservatives, colourings, flavourings and other additives. The proof is in the taste, try it for yourself. When you've got food this good inside you, you'll be up for anything.
Eat right, stay brilliant.
7 wholegrains: buckwheat, barley, wheat, spelt, oats, rice, rye, No refined sugars or added salt, High fibre, Vegetarian Society approved, Kosher - KLBD
Your in rude health when...
You can touch your toes and look great doing it. In yoga class they call you 'pretzel girl' behind your back. Snow, a tea tray and a big hill is your idea of heaven.
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200gm .2 S Added Sugar
750gm .75 F Fairtrade
1kg 1 O Organic
1.5kg 1.5 G Gluten