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Slim Rice is made from a water soluble vegetable fibre called Moyu (konjac), which has been consumed in Asia for many centuries for its health benefits. The vegetable fibre is unique as it expands in your stomach to give you a sense of fullness. Unlike regular rice, our rice contains only 7.7 calories per 100g (these calories are not digested by the body). Our rice is suitable for coeliacs, for diabetics and it helps you lose weight too.

Slim rice doesn't have the same texture as regular rice, since it is not made from the same ingredient that contains the high amounts of calories, carbohydrates and sugar. Slim rice come stored in a food grade calcium hydroxide water and when opened, you will notice a starch like odour, which will disappear after 2-3 rinses under warm water. Slim rice comes prepared as a tasteless food, because it gets its flavours from the sauces or ingredients that you add to it.
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25gm .025 V Vegan
200gm .2 S Added Sugar
750gm .75 F Fairtrade
1kg 1 O Organic
1.5kg 1.5 G Gluten