Hemp Seed Bar - organic

Hemp Seed Bar - organic
Hemp Seed Bar - organic
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Manufacturer: 9 Bar
Dietary Info: SGO
Size: 50G
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The Organic 9Bar is our new baby. 9Bar has always aimed to put nutrition first and Organic 9Bar has all the same goodness found in the uniquely delicious mix of seeds and carob that only the Original 9Bar can offer. The difference is it’s certified organic by the Organic Food Federation. In today’s world we are more aware of how and where our food is grown.

...organic tasty goodness...

The Organic 9Bar offers you all the usual 9Bar tasty goodness but with the added assurance that comes with the organic label. We love a bit of indulgence and we think this 9Bar is organic heaven.

And finally let’s not forget the one thing all 9Bar’s have in common, they are dairy, wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose, yeast, egg free with no trans-fats, artificial preservatives, additives or colours, certified GM free and approved by the Vegetarian Society.
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25gm .025 V Vegan
200gm .2 S Added Sugar
750gm .75 F Fairtrade
1kg 1 O Organic
1.5kg 1.5 G Gluten